Rapunzel Birthday Cake

31 August 2014

Rapunzel Tangled Cake  / mylittlekitchenblog.co.uk

Here is the cake that nearly killed me! Ok I'm totally exaggerating but it was definitely the hardest cake I've ever made and caused me so much stress. 

Months ago my niece requested a Rapunzel cake for her 3rd birthday and she was very specific in her requirements. It had to have Rapunzel in the tower with her long hair showing and the chameleon {or frog, as she called it - bless!} on it. Well I think I fulfilled the brief. 

Rapunzel Tangled Cake  / mylittlekitchenblog.co.uk

The tower was a nightmare to make. I researched different ways of making it and settled on making it from marshmallow krispies as you can mould them to any shape and they're lightweight. I struggled with the stickly mixture and spent ages trying to get it into the right shape but eventually ended up with three pieces, the tower, the house at the top and the cone shaped roof. After a night in the fridge they were hard but I decided the tower was too tall so chopped a couple of centimetres off!

Rapunzel Tangled Cake  / mylittlekitchenblog.co.uk

Then after decorating and assembling it all, the tower started sinking into the cake! I used skewers to secure it all but hadn't realised the tower would be so heavy with all the icing on it. So with hubby's help I had to take the tower off and put some card under to support it. But then the card was showing round the edges so a last minute addition was the pebbles round the base of the tower to cover the card. I actually think they look really good.

It was also the first time I've made a fondant face. YouTube came to the rescue with an abundance of tutorials on how to make a face, so I just kind of copied what they did. I wasn't 100% happy with the face but it's not bad for a first attempt!

Rapunzel Tangled Cake  / mylittlekitchenblog.co.uk

I spent about 16 hours on the whole cake and finally finished it at 11.30 the night before the party! Chloe's little face lit up when she saw it, everyone loved it and I got loads of compliments.  After all the stress, in the end I was really happy with it but I've told my sister to make sure the next cake is an easy one!

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  1. Wow, fantastic job! You must have gained massive favourite Auntie points! Now you have shown what you can do there will be no stopping the requests for quirky and detailed cakes :-)


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