Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars

28 August 2014

Chocolate chip cookie dough bars /

It's all a bit crazy in My little Kitchen this week. I have a very special birthday cake to be made by Saturday. I would say it's the most difficult cake I've done to date so I'm busy planning, preparing and sugarpaste modelling. I won't give it away by saying what the cake is, however it's for my niece's 3rd birthday so what do you think it might be? {Clue - it's not Frozen!}

Anyway, I had a few minutes to spare so thought I'd share the recipe for these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars which I made last week. I baked a lot last week so I made sure one of those would be an easy no bake recipe. These are indeed easy peasy and no baking at all is required. And they're absolutely delicious! Go on give them a go... I promise they're maximum yumminess for very little effort!

Chocolate chip cookie dough bars /

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars

Makes 16

Prep time 20 minutes
Chilling time 2 hours

115g butter softened
130g Soft brown sugar
1tsp vanilla extract
300g plain flour
397g can light condensed milk
100g milk chocolate chips
150g milk chocolate

Line a baking tin with baking parchment or cling film.

In a large bowl, cream together the butter and sugar. You can do this either by hand or with a hand held electric mixer. Add the vanilla extract and mix again.

Add half the flour and mix until fully combined. Add half the condensed milk and mix again. Repeat adding the flour and condensed milk until fully combined and everything comes together in a ball of dough. Add the chocolate chips and mix until evenly distributed. 

Transfer the mixture into the baking tin and push down into the corners and smooth the surface with a palette knife to make an even layer. Pop in the fridge for about 1 hour until firm.

Melt the chocolate, either in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water or in the microwave on half power in 30 second bursts. Once melted, pour over the cookie dough and smooth to make sure everything is covered. Pop back in the fridge for an hour until firm and the chocolate has fully set.

Remove from the tin and baking parchment. Cut into 16 slices and store in the fridge.

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  1. I am guessing Peppa Pig for the cake... Love the look of these bars they look very moreish. I am a sucker for cookie dough ice cream! Thanks for linking to #CookBlogShare

    1. You will have seen the cake by now! It was Rapunzel :) x

  2. Wow these look like my kind of thing! Yum! I can feel the sugar rush just looking at them! #TastyTuesday

  3. They look gorgeous Debra! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  4. These look absolutely yummy! I LOVE cookie dough ;-)


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