So It Begins...

17 November 2013

The Reindeer parade through our village always marks the beginning of the Christmas season for us. It's so magical when Father Christmas rides through the streets in his sleigh pulled by his reindeer.

So yesterday was officially the start of the run up to Christmas for us.

This year we positioned ourselves outside the garden centre which is Santa's final destination where he lives in his grotto for the coming few weeks. We had a fantastic view of the procession coming down the hill towards us.... followed by a few hundred people! Lydia was so excited this year, she was really waving at Santa when he passed us which was so sweet it brought a lump to my throat.

When Santa was settled in his grotto, we went to say hello to his reindeer who were having a well deserved snack.

Then on to the playground which was probably the highlight for the darlings.

And we had to have a look in the garden centre at all the wonderful Christmas decorations.

While we were standing there waiting for Father Christmas to arrive, I thought to myself how I'd love to keep the darlings this age forever! It's ever so magical for them which of course makes it all the more special for me to see them so happy. I know in the blink of an eye they'll be grown up and the magic will be gone. So I'll hold on to the memories and cherish days like yesterday.

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  1. Oh my, it's definitely on its way if Santa has moved into the garden centre. Eek. *starts making lists* Lovely pics and I love the tradition of Santa riding though your village :)


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