Five Things...

8 November 2013

... that have made me happy this week...

♥ Bonfire night. We went round to my parents house along with my sister and nieces for a firework display organised by my dad. The fireworks were pretty tame but the kids loved them and it was wonderful watching their little faces watching all the sparks and crackles.

♥ Christmas baking. I spent the other evening researching all the Christmas recipes I want to make. I've compiled quite a long list which I'm kicking off todat by making my own mincemeat.

♥ Christmas shopping. I've made great headway into buying the darlings Christmas and birthday presents. I've almost got everything for them so just need to buy gifts for my neices and friends children. Being organised makes me so happy.

♥ Happy hair. I had my highlights redone and hair trimmed yesterday. I was so glad to see the back of my awful grey roots! I'm growing my hair and it's just about reaching past my shoulders, which is nearly as long as I want it.

♥ Surprises. Oliver brought home a tshirt that hes made at school for Children In Need. It was a complete surprise as he's never mentioned it. He has to wear it on the day as part of his schools fund raising activities.

What's made you happy this week? 

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