Filo Mince Pies

21 November 2013

Last Christmas I made mince pies and they were seriously bad. I used shop bought mincemeat {how watery is that stuff?!} and flavourless ready made shortcrust pastry. Yes they were edible but I think I ended up throwing some away as no one wanted to eat them. I didn't even blog about them, they were that bad.

On Sunday I made mince pies again and this time they were a million times better. I used mincemeat made by my own fair hands which quite frankly tastes incredible. Yes I used ready made pastry again but anyone who's ever seen The Great British Bake Off will know that filo pastry is a pain in the arse to make! Hey if you want to use shop bought mincemeat too I promise I won't hold it against you.

These mince pies are mega simple to make. There's actually only three ingredients... well four if you count the icing sugar to dust them with! But how impressive do they look? I posted a photo of them on my personal facebook page and now have a massive list of friends waiting for me to make some more so they can try them!

Filo Mince Pies

Makes 12
Preparation time 15 minutes
Baking time 16-20 minutes

1 x 270g pack ready made filo pastry
600g Mincemeat
1 egg, beaten
Icing sugar to decorate

Preheat oven to 190C {375F} gas mark 5. Lightly grease a 12 hole deep muffin tin with vegetable oil or spray oil.

Lay the sheets of filo pastry on top of each other on the work surface. Cut in half vertically so that you have two large squares. Then cut each large square into four quarters.  Take three of the small squares and place them on top of each other, off-setting them slightly to make a kind of star shape.

Gently push the 3 filo pieces into the muffin tin, making sure you push it right to the bottom and up the sides. Repeat until all 12 muffin holes are lined with filo. There should be 12 squares of filo left, cover these with a lightly dampened tea towel so they don't dry out.

Spray each filo case with a little oil and pop in the oven for 6-8 minutes until crisp and a pale golden colour. Remove from the oven and fill each case with mincemeat. Take the remaining squares of filo and gently scrunch each one up and place on top of each pie. Brush lightly with the beaten egg.

Place on a preheated baking sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes until crisp and golden. Dust with a little icing sugar. They're great either hot or cold with a dollop of brandy flavoured cream.

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  1. Your pies look like they are flowing. beautiful! i might need to try making them :)

  2. They look gorgeous. I'm sure mine would be burnt at the edges :D


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