3 October 2013

What a fantastic week on The Great British Bake Off this week. It was all about pastry and the challenges involved making suet puddings, Choux Religieuses {little choux buns that vaguely resemble nuns!} and puff pastry. 

I thought all the contestants did an brilliant job but I was quite pleased that Glenn left as it's all women left in now! Last year was an all male final with the lovely John Waite taking the crown, so it'll be nice to have another female winner to join Jo Wheatley who won series two.

Anyway, I was totally inspired after watching this week and determined to  try something new.  So I decided to have a bash at making choux pastry as it looked easier than the other two options. And to my shock it totally worked! The choux puffed up beautifully and were perfectly crispy with not a soggy bottom bun in sight!


Makes 24
Preparation time 25 minutes
Baking time 25 minutes

Choux pastry
100g plain flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
75g unsalted butter, diced
175ml water
3 large eggs, beaten

500ml double or whipping cream
4 tablespoons icing sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Chocolate sauce
100g plain chocolate
25g unsalted butter
2 tablespoons icing sugar

Sift the flour onto a sheet of greaseproof paper. Put the water, butter and salt into a pan and heat gently until the butter has melted. Now bring to the boil for a few seconds then remove from the heat. Immediately tip the flour in one go and stir like crazy. The mixture will quickly come together and form a ball of smooth heavy dough.

Leave the dough to cool until it's barely warm. Slowly pour in the beaten eggs and stir really well after each addition. I used my electric hand mixer but a wooden spoon and lots of muscle power works well too. The dough will become very shiny and paste like, it should be stiff enough to pipe.

The dough can be kept in an airtight container for up to 4 hours at cool room temperature but it's best to use it straight away. I did the school run at this point and mine turned out great!

Preheat oven to 200C {400F} gas mark 6. Line two baking sheets with greaseproof paper. Spoon the dough into a piping bag fitted with a 1cm round nozzle or snip off the end if it's a disposable bag. Pipe balls of the dough about 3cm wide onto the baking sheets leaving enough space for them to spread a little. 

Bake for 15 minutes, then turn the oven down to 180C {350F} gas mark 4 and bake for a further 10 minutes. Remove the profiteroles from the oven and make a small hole in the side of each one to let out the steam. Return to the oven and bake for 3 minutes. This will ensure the profiteroles are firm and crisp. Cool on a wire rack.

To make the filling, whip the cream, icing sugar and vanilla extract until it forms stiff peaks. When the profiteroles are completely cold {if they are still even slightly warm the cream will make them soggy} slice in half horizontally, spoon in the cream and sandwich back together.

For the chocolate sauce, put all the ingredients into a small pan and heat gently, stirring continuously until everything is melted and smooth.

To serve, pile the profiteroles on a serving dish or individual bowls and drizzle over the chocolate sauce.

I'm linking up with the Great Bloggers Bake Off hosted by Helen at The Crazy Kitchen and Jenny at Mummy Mishaps. It's a weekly linky based on what's been baked on each week's GBBO. Pop over to see what suet puddings, choux pastry and puff pastry everyone else has baked this week.


  1. oh, did you save me one, they look delicious x

  2. They looks perfect! thanks for joining in.

  3. wow they look fantastic especially for your 1st attempt at making them. yum yum i bet they didn't hang around for long x
    thank you for linking up x


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