My Month In Nails {September)

30 September 2013

This month I've bought a LOT of new nail colours. Firstly I went onto Fragrance Direct for my weekly check to see if they've got any new Essie colours in {they hadn't} but I ended up buying six Rimmel nail polishes. Well for only 99p each I couldn't say no!

Then a few days later I popped into Boots and saw the 'buy 1 get the 2nd half price' on make-up so I bought six new BarryM colours! I've just got no self control when it comes to nail polish.

Now I'm on a strict {self imposed} spending ban so I won't be buying any more make-up or nail polish for the whole of October. It's a bit like Sober October where you pledge to give up alcohol for the month, only I'm doing it for nail polish!

Anyway, here's my monthly roundup of all the colours that graced my nails in September...

Avon Speed Dry+ // Sprightly Mint
Essie // Maximillian Strasse Her + Nails Inc // Electric Lane
Rimmel Lasting Finish // Pop Your Pink
NYC // 246 Park Avenue
BarryM Gelly Nail Paint // Mango
Rimmel Lycra Pro // Trend Spotting
BarryM Gelly Nail Paint // Passion Fruit

What do you think? What's your favourite? I absolutely loved the BarryM Gelly Nail Paints, the colours are so vibrant and rich... but they chip so badly. Just 48 hours later and I had lots of chips.

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  1. Ermagerd! That Rimmel Lycra Pro in Trend Spotting is gorgeous. I have to admit, that exact formulation is my all time favourite (apart from Chanel's Rouge Noir - but it isn't like I can afford to stick that on my nails on a daily basis. Saying that, if I could afford it, I most certainly would!).

    I genuinely think that the Rimmel Lycra Pro range is, for me, the absolute best value for money out there. The colour you have is stunning too.

    Jumping on the Barry M Gelly Shine varnishes, I did get "Plum" which is a gorgeous mauve with blue undertones but like you said, it chips like a total demon. There is also something else I am going to admit to whilst I am at it. I don't like the formulation of OPI nail varnishes either. I have tried and tried again but I just can't get them to work for me.

    SO many gorgeous colours you have got - now all I have to do is choose something for my nails as I am halfway through my manicure! It is going to be either a Revlon greige or a GOSH black - I just haven't made my mind up!

    Fi x


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