Child Free!

13 September 2013

Here I am, all alone in the house. This never happens! Oliver's at school, Lydia's at playgroup and I'm off work this week. So I've got some very rare child free time on my hands. 

What shall I do? I thought about going shopping but I'll only spend too much money on make-up and nail polish so I decided to get my blog on instead. I've got so many half written drafts and just haven't had the time lately to get them finished and posted.

So I've got my coffee and cake {it's never too early for cake!}, laptop and tablet {why do I need both?!} so expect to see a week packed full of new posts coming up!


  1. Ohh fab! My child free moments always involve cake...hehehe :) x

  2. Ah, bliss! I've just returned to teaching part time so have regular days on my own now :) wahoo! Yes, why do we need both the laptop and tablet on at once?! Cake looks lush btw ;)


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