Yummy Yorkshire

7 August 2013

Yummy Yorkshire is a recently discovered treasure that has quickly become our ice cream parlour of choice. Firstly the ice cream is incredible. From the more usual flavours like strawberry, banoffee pie and salted caramel to more outlandish flavours such as black spicy chai tea. When we visited last week they had yorkshire pudding, gravy and raspberry vinegar flavour. Seriously! No I didn't try it but I wouldn't say no to a lick if someone offered it to me!

While the ice cream parlour is the highlight for me, the darlings love it because of the fun things outside. There's a play barn with ride-on tractors and a cute little play area with the obligatory bouncy castle and sandpit.

And while the darlings play, hubby and I plonk ourselves on a picnic bench and sit and enjoy the good old British countryside.... and all the wind turbines!

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