My First MAC Lipstick

16 August 2013

Although I lust after every single piece of MAC make-up on a daily basis, the number of pieces in my collection can be counted on one hand. I almost always go for the high street brands and think there are some fantastic budget friendly products to be found.

But a couple of weeks ago I remembered that I had a lovely little Debenhams gift card that had been hiding in the bottom of my bag since my birthday last October {shame on me}. I'd been saving it to buy a new perfume but I think I actually heard it calling "Spend me Debra" so I put it out of it's misery with a trip to the cosmetics department.

It wanted to be spent at MAC.

First I spent the longest time staring at the huge amount of lipstick shades on offer, then an equally long time swatching hundreds {well it felt like it!} on my hand, wiping them off, trying some more, getting really confused as to which was which colour and eventually looking round for help. A lovely boy male assistant came to my rescue and suggested a shade named Ravishing. I have a bit of an obsession with all things coral coloured and it's the most perfect peachy coral shade I have ever seen. It was love. Can you actually be in love with a lipstick?!

I've worn it almost every day since.

Coral lipsticks seem to suit me and this gives a fabulous pop of colour without being too overwhelming. I love the formula as much as the colour. It's creamy, hydrating, buildable and has decent staying power. What more could you want?

I need want more. So with my birthday coming up in about 6 weeks if anyone asks, I'll have another gift card and this time it won't take me so long to spend it.

What do do you think of my first MAC lippy? What's your favourite make-up brand?

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