Five Things...

10 August 2013

 ... that have made me happy this week.

♥ A peaceful walk along the canal on Sunday afternoon. We live on a very busy {noisy} road but luckily we're not far away from beautiful peaceful countryside which makes me appreciate it so much more.

♥ The smiles on the darlings faces when they opened their 'half birthday' presents. Both their birthdays are close to Christmas so we always buy them something special in the summer.... Oliver got a remote control crane and Lydia got a Disney princess doll.

♥ I bought my first ever MAC lipstick! I've got a few other MAC pieces but I've never had a lippie. I popped into Debenhams with a gift voucher that I've had for agea and treated myself to the shade Ravishing which is a gorgeous coral colour.

♥ I finished work on Wednesday {I just work mornings} and it was such a sunny day that I packed up some lunch and we had a picnic on the field across the road. Simply lovely.

♥ The smell of freshly cut grass after the field across the road has just been mown. Mmmmm.

How are you spending your weekend? We're having a quiet day at home today as Lydia has got a tummy bug. I'm hoping it's just a 24 hour thing like Oliver had earlier this week. At some point we'll be going to the annual Food and Drink Festival in town where I'm sure I'll spend a fortune on yummy food from all stalls.  And as I write this I've just had my new Glossybox delivered, which was a surprise as I'd forgotten all about it this month! Have a fabulous weekend whatever you're doing.

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