Strawberry Fields

23 July 2013

We didn't do as well with the raspberries!
Whilst the rest of the UK continued to enjoy the current heatwave, here in West Yorkshire we had a much cooler weekend. Which was bliss!! Oh how I adored the cooler days and even cooler nights and even slept with no fan on Sunday night. We've spent lots of time outside soaking up the sun and warmth but I try to keep the darlings inside during the hottest hours. So we made the most of the break in the weather and decided to go strawberry picking.

I found our nearest 'pick-your-own' site which was Bentley Grange in Emley near Huddersfield and we set off. It was fantastic. I've never seen so many plump, crimson strawberries in one place {not counting the supermarket!} I think we ate as much as we picked; they were just so juicy and sweet. We came home with a huge bag full of strawberries and managed to eat most of them yesterday... just leaving enough for me to make a strawberry cheesecake today!

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