Pastel Rainbow Nails

26 July 2013

Not a day goes by lately when I don't have nail polish gracing my digits. My nails look so naked without it and it simply doesn't feel right. I'm forever posting photos on Instagram of my latest nail colour so when I posted a photo of my rainbow nails, I was surprised that it got the most likes that I've ever had!

So I thought I'd better share the details with you guys of the nail colours I used to create my pastel rainbow nails. I'm all about bright summery colours {especially corals} at the moment but I thought a selection of pastel shades would look cool. It was actually quite a random selection, I just went for a few subtle pastel shades that seemed to look good together.

So here goes. From left to right on the last photo they are:   

BarryM Berry Ice Cream | Avon Speed Dry Sprightly Mint | Avon Speed Dry Swift Sherbet 
Essie Cascade Cool | Essie Bikini So Teeny  

Speaking of my favourite brand Essie, don't forget that you can get their nail polishes from Fragrance Direct for only £1.99 and they've just added loads of new colours. I might have just received eight new ones today!

What's your favourite nail colour? Have you ever tried rainbow nails?

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