Our Chalk City In The Garden

25 July 2013

Oliver loves anything with four wheels. His favourites are lorries, trucks and anything with a trailer! So last week I had the bright idea to draw a few roads in chalk on the garden patio for Oliver to drive his cars around. But what started out as a few simple roads, turned into an entire city!

We've been making the most of the recent heatwave and have been spending loads of time in the garden. But the rain at the weekend washed my first masterpiece away so I bought some chunky chalk today and drew a new improved city.

I'm not the best artist but I loved getting creative and doing all the drawings. Half an hour later, I had created a network of roads, roundabout and all sorts of buildings. I've put some words and numbers in there as Oliver's beginning to recognise letters now {he starts school in September}. 

That reminds me... I'll have to add a school to the city. Oh and a building site... he'll love that too!

It's such a fab inexpensive activity that keeps the darlings happy for hours. Oliver likes to play a game in which he asks me where each vehicle wants to go next and I have to tell him where it needs to go. 

I usually make up a bit of a story like the car and caravan have just come back from their holiday and need to go to the shops to buy some food, then after the shops they go home to unpack.

Car Wash
Petrol Station
Boating Lake
Car Park
Wiggly Road
Zigzag Road
I'll be quite sad when the rain washes it away again but it'll give me the opportunity to create an even better city next time. I'm sure I'll be re-drawing the city several times over the summer holidays.... but I don't mind at all!

And it's so nice to see the ugly concrete stones in our garden being put to good use too!

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