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11 July 2013

What has happened to me? This weather is making me so lazy! I feel awful for neglecting my little blog but I'm not coping well with this incredible heat. I blame it on being born and raised in Yorkshire... I'm simply not built for the heat! And although it's fab having a south facing house, it feels like a million degrees in our bedrooms. As I write this, it's about 26 degrees outside but I'm not even going to venture outside as I'm fed up of feeling hot and sweaty!

Anyway enough ranting {I love the weather really, see the first point below!} this is supposed to be a happy post with me sharing what's made me smile this week...

♥ I'm loving picnics in the sunshine. We went to Castle Hill again at the weekend and had a gorgeous picnic in the sun. It was just the darlings and I as hubby was working, so I sat on the blanket topping up my tan while watching them having a blast running around the field. We had another picnic in the park on Sunday and have even been laying the picnic blanket in the garden for lunch every day.

♥ On Tuesday I went to parents evening {which was actually in the aftenoon!} at Oliver's pre-school. Proud is an understatement. His teacher showed me his folder which showed how much he's progressed since he started there. She'd 'graded' him as above average in about 75% of the curriculum areas and the rest were average for his age. The biggest shock for me was seeing an incredible drawing in his folder... this is the boy who refuses to draw at home and says he can't!

♥ Lydia did her first concert at playgroup. It was their end of year graduation concert {some of the older children are starting school or pre-school} and they sang a few songs. Unfortunately Lydia didn't sing a word and just stood there looking at the audience! I was just relieved that she didn't start crying as she's quite shy! Oliver did exactly the same at his first playgroup concert but by the time he left he was singing at the top of his voice, so hopefully Lydia will follow suit.

♥ Oliver has been for two visits to his new class this week and loved it. He's currently in the school nursery and is starting reception in September. His teacher is lovely and I'm so confident that he'll be absolutely fine, especially since his best friend will be in the same class. God, I can't believe he's going to 'proper' school soon. It only seems like 5 minutes since he was a milk guzzling, pooing and puking newborn!

♥ Lydia has just started potty training and it's going great. I hadn't planned on starting yet as she wasn't showing any signs of being ready but last week she just decided to started going on the potty out of the blue. So I thought she was ready and we've been giving it a go this week... with not much success to start with but she's doing great now.

What's made you smile recently? What's been your highlight of the week?

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