Glossybox July 2013

30 July 2013

First of all how gorgeous is the July Glossybox! The seaside splash theme this month is so cute. I love the turquoise and coral colours and as usual I've saved the tissue paper and ribbon to re-use and will be filling the box with my bits and bobs of make up and jewellery.

I always get ridiculously excited when a new Glossybox pops through my letterbox, I can't help but immediately rip it open to see what's inside! I did a little 'ooooooh' when I opened this box. Of course the seaside splash theme continues inside with the products all keeping with the beachy, summer feel.

Anyway, here's a little rundown of what's inside and my thoughts...

Anatomicals Spray Misty For Me Facial Spritz {full size}  // I love love love this! It's a hydrating and cooling facial mist that's suitable for all skin types. The extracts of lavender, rose and peppermint smell so gorgeous and fresh. Although it's not something I would normally buy, it was an absolute godsend when the weather was mega hot recently. I kept it in the fridge and sprayed it on my face numerous times during the day which really cooled me down and left my skin feelin much fresher. Full size price is £6.00 for 100 ml

Coola Organic Suncare Collection Coola Mineral Face SPF 20 Rose Essence Tint {sample size} // A strange little product that combines a facial mineral sunscreen combined with a tinted moisturiser with environmental protection. This really surprised me. At first glance the shade looked way too dark for my paleish skin but when I tried it it actually gave me a nice natural tanned look. It blends in really nicely and gives a very light coverage but it would be great to use on holiday. Full size price is £29.99 for 50 ml

Pukka Ayurveda Radiance Serum {sample size} //  Pukka call this a wonder serum that will leave your skin feeling fresh and bright, with Aloe vera and manuka honey to soothe and refresh. Gotu kola and lemon balm to tone and brighten the complexion and help to naturally revitalise & restore the skin. Woah that's a big claim! I tried it for a few days and didn't notice any difference in my skin apart from making it feeling quite tight and uncomfortable. Full size price is £32.00 for 50 ml

Ciate London Paint Pot in Pocket Money {full size} // I've been coveting Ciate Paint Pots for a while, not just for the cute looking bottle with the black satin bow on it! It's not a particularly summery colour but when I'm in the mood for neutral nails I'll give it a whirl. Full size price is £9.00 for 13.5 ml

Alterna Haircare ‘Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist {sample size} // The most disappointing product of the box. I know beachy waves are so 'now' but my hair is naturally wavy which I hate! I usually straighten the life out of it but I might give this a go when I have a 'can't be bothered to straighten' day. Full size price is £23.00 for 125 ml

I was so happy with the products that I received... that is until I had a look on Instagram at what other people go! I would have loved the Ciate nail polish in one of the bright colours or the Essie nail wraps which I would love to try. Oh and I'm so jealous of Sleek Pout Paints!

So what do you think? What did you get in your Glossybox this month?

This Week #5

29 July 2013

A few goodies from Avon ● New smelly candles... a bargain from Sainsburys ● Oliver had his last day at pre-school and I made this thank you card for his amazing teachers ● We celebrated the start of the school holidays by having dinner at our favourite pub which has a lovely garden and playground ● Pink nails in Essie Over The Shoulder with a dotty accent nail ● Huge pizza for a lazy Saturday dinner ● We had a blast picking {and eating!} strawberriesOvernight Oats and coffee in my fave Costa cup for Sunday breakfast ● Treated myself to a new Real Techniques blush brush... love it! ● Having lots of fun with chalk drawing a city in the garden ● I just had to buy eight new Essie nail polishes ● Oliver is obsessed with apricots at the moment ● New post about the pastel rainbow nails that got lots of likes on Instagram the other week ● Beautiful day at the seaside with the darlings ● I bought my first ever MAC lipstick!

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Sunday Soul Food #5

28 July 2013


Have you had a good weekend? We had an absolutely brilliant day at the beach yesterday. We went with my sister and nieces and we all had such a lovely  time playing on the beach and paddling and of course the mandatory fish and chip dinner! Today we've been shopping for new trainers for hubby and Oliver {which we didn't find!} but I treated myself to a gorgeous new MAC lipstick.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend too. Here's some Sunday Soul Food to bring you a few words of inspiration, motivation and food for thought to lift your hearts on a Sunday evening. 

Pastel Rainbow Nails

26 July 2013

Not a day goes by lately when I don't have nail polish gracing my digits. My nails look so naked without it and it simply doesn't feel right. I'm forever posting photos on Instagram of my latest nail colour so when I posted a photo of my rainbow nails, I was surprised that it got the most likes that I've ever had!

So I thought I'd better share the details with you guys of the nail colours I used to create my pastel rainbow nails. I'm all about bright summery colours {especially corals} at the moment but I thought a selection of pastel shades would look cool. It was actually quite a random selection, I just went for a few subtle pastel shades that seemed to look good together.

So here goes. From left to right on the last photo they are:   

BarryM Berry Ice Cream | Avon Speed Dry Sprightly Mint | Avon Speed Dry Swift Sherbet 
Essie Cascade Cool | Essie Bikini So Teeny  

Speaking of my favourite brand Essie, don't forget that you can get their nail polishes from Fragrance Direct for only £1.99 and they've just added loads of new colours. I might have just received eight new ones today!

What's your favourite nail colour? Have you ever tried rainbow nails?

Our Chalk City In The Garden

25 July 2013

Oliver loves anything with four wheels. His favourites are lorries, trucks and anything with a trailer! So last week I had the bright idea to draw a few roads in chalk on the garden patio for Oliver to drive his cars around. But what started out as a few simple roads, turned into an entire city!

We've been making the most of the recent heatwave and have been spending loads of time in the garden. But the rain at the weekend washed my first masterpiece away so I bought some chunky chalk today and drew a new improved city.

I'm not the best artist but I loved getting creative and doing all the drawings. Half an hour later, I had created a network of roads, roundabout and all sorts of buildings. I've put some words and numbers in there as Oliver's beginning to recognise letters now {he starts school in September}. 

That reminds me... I'll have to add a school to the city. Oh and a building site... he'll love that too!

It's such a fab inexpensive activity that keeps the darlings happy for hours. Oliver likes to play a game in which he asks me where each vehicle wants to go next and I have to tell him where it needs to go. 

I usually make up a bit of a story like the car and caravan have just come back from their holiday and need to go to the shops to buy some food, then after the shops they go home to unpack.

Car Wash
Petrol Station
Boating Lake
Car Park
Wiggly Road
Zigzag Road
I'll be quite sad when the rain washes it away again but it'll give me the opportunity to create an even better city next time. I'm sure I'll be re-drawing the city several times over the summer holidays.... but I don't mind at all!

And it's so nice to see the ugly concrete stones in our garden being put to good use too!

Strawberry Fields

23 July 2013

We didn't do as well with the raspberries!
Whilst the rest of the UK continued to enjoy the current heatwave, here in West Yorkshire we had a much cooler weekend. Which was bliss!! Oh how I adored the cooler days and even cooler nights and even slept with no fan on Sunday night. We've spent lots of time outside soaking up the sun and warmth but I try to keep the darlings inside during the hottest hours. So we made the most of the break in the weather and decided to go strawberry picking.

I found our nearest 'pick-your-own' site which was Bentley Grange in Emley near Huddersfield and we set off. It was fantastic. I've never seen so many plump, crimson strawberries in one place {not counting the supermarket!} I think we ate as much as we picked; they were just so juicy and sweet. We came home with a huge bag full of strawberries and managed to eat most of them yesterday... just leaving enough for me to make a strawberry cheesecake today!

Sunday Soul Food #4

21 July 2013

Sunday evenings can be a bit depressing can't they? Well Sunday Soul Food is here to bring you a few words of inspiration to lift your hearts on a Sunday evening. 

This quote really doesn't need any explanation.  
Kind of puts things into perspective doesn't it?