This Week #01

2 June 2013

My favourite holiday photo... the kids trying out the 
sunbeds on our first evening there

One of many cherry blossom trees near our house. 
I took lots of photos before the flowers disappear.

We walked over to my parents house for tea, and met these two
 friendly ducks who've taken up residence on the field.

A trip to the dentist when my filling fell out :( But I love the 
period features in the waiting room, especially the fireplace.

I was so excited to receive my first ever Glossybox, it
 felt like my birthday unwrapping it!

Looking for some new summer dresses on ASOS curve. 

We had a fabulous time at the ice cream parlour. This was our view 
whilst we sat eating our ice creams {I had banoffee pie flavour!}

Lydia had fun playing in the sandpit at the ice cream parlour.

Tonight we had a little 'end of half term holidays' party. 
We had some treats and danced to some tunes on SmashHits tv!

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