Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer

11 June 2013

Maybelline color show nail lacquer
Maybelline color show nail lacquer
Maybelline color show nail lacquer

The other week I went through my make up box and decided that it needed a major overhaul. So I threw out loads of old stuff and I'm now on a mission to build up a good collection of new, up-to-date products. Now I'm a 37 year old wife and mum who works part time so my budget is *limited*. It's high street all the way for me! But there are some fantastic budget brands out there and amazing dupes of all the popular high end products. 

So moving on... here are three new nail colours I recently bought. They're Maybelline Color Show nail lacquers in Pow Green, Cool Blue and Orange Attack. I'm so into all the bright summer colours at the moment and these fit perfectly in that category. I immediately painted the Orange Attack on to my toes. Swiftly followed by Cool Blue on my fingers. The first coat was quite sheer but the second coat achieved a perfect opaque glossy finish. It dried quickly too which is an important factor for me in a nail polish.

The Cool Blue lasted incredibly well, it was four days before even a tiny chip appeared. I was very impressed. The Pow Green was a different story though. I put it on yesterday and a few chips have appeared already. Very strange. I didn't do anything different and both colours were covered with Avon Gold Strength top coat {fab top coat by the way!}

It hasn't put me off though and I'm sure this trio of polishes will frequently be gracing my nails over the summer months. And at only £1.99 each {at Asda} I won't be able to resist adding a few more colours to my collection.

Have you tried the Maybelline Color Show polishes? What nail colours are you loving for summer?


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  2. Oohh I love these shades! Especially the pink/orange one, it just looks so wearable for summer x


  3. Loving the colours! What a good idea, my nail varnish and make up draw could do with a clear out and update too. Loving the blue, so summery! X


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