How Does Your Garden Grow?

20 June 2013

I think I've only mentioned a few hundred times how much I love working part time. Most of all I love having Mondays off. Especially if its sunny like it was this week. Monday mornings are for the boring stuff like cleaning and running errands with my little helper Lydia, but afternoons are for fun or relaxing.

This Monday afternoon, I had a very rare afternoon to myself so I grabbed my kindle and sat out in the garden for a bit of me-time. It's great to admire how lovely the garden is looking at the moment. I only planted the new flowers three weeks ago but they're thriving and really brightening up our otherwise boring garden. I'm glad I made a bit of effort this year and fingers crossed that it will give the house a bit of kerb appeal when we put it up for sale in the next couple of weeks. 

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  1. I love how neat your borders are - honestly mine are shocking!
    You've reminded me to buy a new windmill for the garden too - so double thanks for joining in x


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