4 June 2013

When we left for our holiday on 10th May,  it still looked like winter here up north. There were a few buds on the trees but they still looked bare and barren. But, when we returned 10 days later I was astounded by how much everything had bloomed. I was shocked when I walked back though our front gate to be greeted by a garden resembling a jungle! 

This is my absolute favourite time of year. I just love how everything is now so green, lush and blooming. Although we live on a very busy road, we're lucky to have a lovely big field across the road that is edged by beautiful cherry blossom trees. When those trees start blooming I know winter has over and summer is here. And my goodness I've been waiting and waiting to see those blossoms this year!

As I write this today, the sun is beating down and there's not a cloud in the sky. It's just perfect. So I'm going  to make the most of it... I'm going to slather on the factor 50 and sit in the {south facing!} garden with a cold drink and a magazine and top up my holiday tan!

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