5 things that've made me happy this week

12 June 2013

Welcome to a new feature that I'm going to be posting each week. It's a warm, fuzzy, feel-good post to help me to think about and remember the good things in life.

♥ I baked a cake! I haven't done much baking recently as the beautiful weather has kept me out of the kitchen away from the heat of the oven. But baking made me so happy and I remembered how much I love it.

♥ Talking of beautiful weather... it's been glorious this week. We have to make the most of every minute of sunshine here in Yorkshire!

♥ We found a new playground yesterday. The actual playground wasn't the best but it's next to a field covered with pretty buttercups. We all picked some and they're looking lovely in a vase on the windowsill.

♥ We had a lovely day out at Castle Hill on Saturday. It's a local landmark with the most incredible views over the town and countryside. The weather was fantastic  and the darlings had a great time running wild over the surrounding fields and looking for rabbits down the rabbit holes.

♥ My latest Glossybox arrived on Monday. It's only my second one but I was so excited waiting for it to arrive. There are some fab products in there which I'll share with you shortly.

What's made you happy this week?

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