Missed me?

24 May 2013

Well hello! My goodness how I've missed you. It seems like a lifetime ago that I wrote my last post. It looks like my well deserved digital detox is over but I'm so happy to be back in the blogging world. 

We returned from our holiday on Monday and we had a truly fantastic time. I'd go as far as to call it 'The Second Best Holiday Ever' {the best was Las Vegas!} The darlings loved it, hubby and I loved it, my parents, sister, brother in law and nieces loved it too. Menorca was so beautiful and peaceful, our hotel was perfect, the food was incredible and the weather could have been better was mostly sunny. I'm going to do a post with a few more details and photos... not too many though as I know how boring it can be looking at other peoples holiday pics!

While I've been away I've been thinking about My Darlings and Me and what I write about. I love baking and sharing my recipes with you but I want my blog to be about a little more than that. My favourite blogs have a bit of everything... lifestyle, beauty, baking, interiors, fashion. I know I'm never going to be a fashion or beauty blogger but you know how much I love make-up and I'd like to do the odd post about new products I've tried. I also want to share more about my everyday life, so I'm going to do a weekly round-up along the lines on 'My week on Instagram'. Don't worry there'll be no less baking, it is my first passion after all, but I'm just going to mix things up a little bit. 

I hope you'll stick around.

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