A Spot of Gardening

26 May 2013


My garden is rubbish. It's tiny, covered with naff paving stones and a little weary-looking. You get the picture? It's pants. And when we returned from our holiday, I couldn't believe how much everything in the garden had grown. By this I mean it looked like a jungle covered with weeds and an overgrown hedge!

Something had to be done. So we made the most of the glorious weather this weekend and spent a bit of time tidying the garden. Cutting the hedge is the Hubby's job and he's the best person to do it. He likes it to looks straight and angular! He'd use a spirit level if I let him.

My job is the flowers. This means lots of terracotta {and plastic!} pots dotted around and a narrow strip of flower bed. So after lots of weeding, a trip to the garden centre and planting with my two little 'helpers' it's looking ok.

The darlings had fun at the garden centre!

Yes, our garden centre has a huge playground!

Gardening: do you love it or hate it? What's your garden like?

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