My Week on Instagram {The Easter Edition}

3 April 2013

I made my first ever Easter bonnet... Oliver loved it and wore it proudly for his pre-school Easter parade.

The darlings and I made some 'alternative' Easter nests... from Shreddies! We were snowed in and couldn't get to a shop to buy Shredded Wheat.

We made a new hand and footprint picture. I do one every year and they go on the darlings' bedroom wall. It all got very messy with them covering their entire hands in paint and Oliver declared he had Incredible Hulk hands!

I made some Easter bark. It was very spur of the moment when I spotted some on Pinterest.  It was the easiest thing ever to make but looks {and tastes}  amazing.

We did more craft on Good Friday in the form of decorating eggs with tissue paper. I surprised the darlings by filling them with mini eggs.

We got loads of Easter eggs but thankfully less than last year. It'll take weeks to get through it all so I might melt some to make more bark!

We made Easter cards for family and friends to say thank you for the darlings Easter eggs. I punched out star shapes from tissue paper and they stuck them onto the cards in the shape of eggs.

Oliver made some bunny ears at pre-school. Lydia loved them so much that I made some for her too.

We finished off our Easter weekend by visiting the MEN Arena in Manchester to see Cbeebies Live with Justin and Friends. It was fantastic,  the darlings loved it... and so did Hubby and I! 

And I sneaked in a few glasses of my favourite tipple Bailey's!

How did you spend your Easter weekend?

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