I ♥ Scarves

8 April 2013

Do you ever have those days when you just don't know what to wear? And everything you try on just looks wrong? I do all the time. On those days I just throw on my black leggings, my favourite black dress and a scarf. I love my scarves!

I'm a fatty curvy lady and I believe I know how to dress to suit my shape. Now I'm no stylist but don't they say to wear something that draws the eye away from whatever you want you hide? Scarves are the perfect attention grabber.

I've even got a Pinterest board for scarves! While browsing through lots of pictures of beautiful scarves, I came across several pins with '15 ways to tie a scarf' {or 50 ways if you want even more!} Apparently they all have names too... like the Fake Infinity, the Chic Bunny, the Parisian or my personal favourite the NYC! Have a look at my Pinterest board or here for loads of ways to tie your scarf.

{These are all photos of my favourite scarves!}

What do you think about scarves? Love them or hate them?


  1. I'm a true scarves fan. I always carry at least one with me. And I'm so looking forward to better weather. I love my yak wool scarf but can't wait to start wearing more colourful silky ones!
    A great place to visit online is www.countingflowers.co.uk. A candy shop for scarf lovers!

  2. I love scarves! I am building up quite the collection of them! x


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