Cbeebies Live 2013

13 April 2013

On Easter Monday we set off for the MEN Arena in Manchester to see Cbeebies Live - Justin & Friends. Oliver and I went last year but Lydia was only 16 months old so stayed at home with hubby. She loves Cbeebies now and I thought she was old enough so all four of us went this time.

After a nightmare driving round central Manchester dodging trams and looking for somewhere to park {as hubby missed the turning for the arena carpark!} stopping on double yellow lines to buy those spinning light-up thingies from a bloke on a street corner {have you seen how much those things  cost inside the arena?!} we rushed into the arena and met up with me sister, brother in law and nieces.

As the name suggests, this years show was focussed on Justin Fletcher and his friends, Andy the Cbeebies presenter, Nina {and the Neurons},  Katie {I Can Cook} and Robert the Robot {Justin's House} who were expecting the arrival of a mystery VIP at Justin's house.

Chaos ensued when Robert the robot downloaded an app to help put together a show for the VIP, which gave him a virus and made him obsessed with cleaning and hoovering all the acts up. Of course there was a happy ending with the mystery VIP turning out to be Queen Tumble {who had an uncanny likeness to the real Queen!}

The show was full of slapstick humour, singing, dancing and audience participation. The children loved it and were up dancing the whole time. Hubby and I loved it too and were singing and shouting as much as the kids.

On our way home I asked Oliver and Lydia what was their favourite part of the show. Lydia replied with Robert the robot and Oliver loved everything! My best bit was the finale when they sang Justin's song 'Hands Up' ... for some strange reason I just love that song!

Wiped out!

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