My Mothers Day

11 March 2013

Do you know why I love my blog? The memories. Yesterday I looked back at my post from last years Mothers Day. It was fab to have a reminder of what a lovely day I had and the fab presents and cards that I received. I'd totally forgotten that I went to the Spa too!

I had a lovely day yesterday but let's start with the cake! I baked this carrot cake for my mum, and covered it with cream cheese frosting which I piped in swirls and added some pink flowers that I had left over from Lydia's birthday cake. It was the first time I had ever tried piping frosting onto a cake like this. It was far from perfect but not bad for a first effort and I had loads of great comments about it when I posted photos on Facebook and Instagram.

The darlings and I, and my sister and nieces all went round to my parents house for tea. We had a slice of the cake for dessert and it was quite funny as none of the children liked it! Oliver's verdict was that he only liked the pink flowers on it! 

As for presents, I got some more Body Shop skincare products. I'm currently on a mission to really  look after my skin and I love their Vitamin E moisturising range. 

I got some gorgeous beads from Oliver. His school had a Mothers Day shop last week so he took some money in to buy a gift for me. He was so happy when I opened them and proudly told me he'd been into the big school to get them {he's in the pre-school}! They're not my usual choice but I love them because my little boy chose them especially for his mummy and I'll be so proud to wear them.

These were my cards from Oliver. He chose the gingerbread man card himself and made the other one at pre-school. If you can't read the writing on the photo it says "My mummy likes.... cooking... she does rice and chips and sauce" haha! He could have said cakes, cupcakes and biscuits but no! Thanks Oliver!

Oliver chose the In the Night Garden card for Lydia {because she loves it!} and I helped Lydia make the cards with the hearts on at our toddler group. You can't see it on the photo but she's done lots of little scribbles on it!

And because I was so busy with making the cake for my mum and focussed on buying her cards and presents from the darlings, I totally forgot to buy her a card from me! I didn't realise until yesterday morning so instead of shooting out to buy her one, I decided to make one instead. I like the persoal touch of hand made cards anyway and my mum loved it.

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  1. Home-made always seems to have more sentiment behind it! Looks like you had a lovely day! :-) x


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