That Potty Training Dilemma

20 February 2013

Lydia turned two in December so in the next few months I'm hoping she'll be ready for potty training. I'm very firmly in the camp of  'waiting until they're completely ready' when it comes to PT. 

Oliver was 2 years and 9 months when he decided to ditch the nappies. To be honest I wasn't looking forward to potty training but I read somewhere that the average age for boys to be dry was 3 years old so I wasn't worried at all. We had a potty at home and I'd bought some pants and had gently mentioned it a few times to him but I was just waiting until he was ready. Then one day he just started doing his wee's in the toilet, standing up like his dad! So we just went for it and I can count the number of accidents he had on one hand {one was at soft play when he was having too much fun to go to the toilet!}

So soon it's going to be Lydia's turn. She's recently been showing some signs of being ready for the potty. She goes and sits on the potty {but doesn't actually do anything}, she tells me when she's done a poo {not a wee though} and when I mention getting her some knickers, she's really enthusiastic about it. She can count to fourteen... although that's got absolutely nothing to do with potties, that's just me boasting - sorry! I'm happy to wait until she's ready but I'd really like her to be dry by the time we go on holiday in May. It's 11 weeks away so there's still plenty of time to tackle it but I'm not going to rush her. I'm thinking of giving it a go in the next few weeks and if she's really not ready, we'll leave it.

God, it's such a minefield this parenting lark isn't it!? What do you think I should do? Wait or give it a go? Any tips will be gratefully received.

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