Thank You

19 February 2013

I hold my hands up and freely admit that I'm rubbish at Twitter. I'm much better at Facebook and Instagram so I've got something set up {not sure how I did it now!} that automatically tweets all my new blog posts, Facebook updates and Instagram photos. 

But yesterday I thought I'd have a proper browse on Twitter. So I checked my profile and saw a tweet I received a few days ago {note to self: check Twitter more often} from the MAD Blog Awards telling me I've been nominated in the category of Best Food Blog. WOOHOO!  I'm shocked and proud and happy in equal amounts. I've seen loads of bloggers proudly displaying their 'Nominated' badges but I never thought in a million years that I'd be nominated too.

So I'd just like to say a MASSIVE thank you to anyone that nominated My Darlings and Me. I love my little blog and it's a massive achievement to even be nominated. So now I am very proudly displaying my 'Nominated' badge just to the right and down a bit!

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