Happy Blog-Birthday to Me!

6 February 2013

I always thought I created My Darlings and Me on 6th February 2012 but I've just looked back and it was actually on 4th February! So this is a bit late but anyway, I can't believe my blog is one year old !! This time a year ago I published my first ever post and I've never looked back. It only seems like yesterday that I had the idea to start a blog after spending months reading lots of other amazing blogs
There's no doubt that blogging has taken over my life. I'm constantly thinking of ideas for new posts. My mobile phone and tablet have become my mobile office with all sort of apps for writing and to-do lists and ideas. I have a rule that I don't turn the laptop on until the darlings are in bed but if I get the odd spare 10 minutes during the day (when Lydia is having a nap and Oliver is playing!) I'll work on a new post or look at other blogs on my mobile.

And then there's my baking obsession! I started baking just for something to blog about but I've become totally addicted to it. I haven't baked in all my adult life but I honestly can't go more than a few days now without trying out a new recipe. And more than anything I love giving them to family and friends for them to enjoy too. I've never had a proper hobby before but now I've got two... blogging and baking!

So thank you to all who have read, commented on and followed My Darlings and Me. I am so grateful and flattered that you decided to follow my little blog. It's lovely to know someone is reading, whether you stumbled across this by accident or not, it's still nice to know I'm not typing into the abyss!

And thank you to all those who take the time to blog. I now know how dedicated you all are. You inspire me every day.


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