Fairy Princess Birthday Cake

27 February 2013

I still can't believe I made this cake... but I really did! Thank you for all your lovely compliments when I posted photos on Instagram, Facebook and my Silent Sunday post. I had so many lovely comments at my niece Amelia's 3rd birthday party on Sunday too. I'm feeling very proud of myself and a teeny bit big headed!
Being my usual critical self I wasn't 100% happy with it though. I won't go into the details of what I wasn't happy with but it's wasn't a bad effort for a girl who hadn't baked a cake in her whole adult life until 6 months ago!
After the rush and stress of making Oliver's Spiderman cake a few weeks ago, I was extremely organised this time. Aren't you impressed with my drawing and plans?! I made as many of the fondant decorations on Thursday night to give them plenty of time to harden so I wasn't rushing to do it all at the last minute.

Lots of people  have asked me when I'm going to set up my own business making and selling my cakes. Well I'm not! Yes I've thought about it but there are a few reasons why I don't want to. The main reason is that I'm not willing to sacrifice what little spare time I have to focus on a new business. I already work part time in a job I love which gives me the flexibility of a great work/home life balance. Plus I'm not ready for the stress of having deadlines to work to and having to stay up into the early hours finishing a cake. Also, maybe I'm not confident enough in my abilities yet to want to actually make someone pay for my offerings? Above all, the thing that holds me back is that my kitchen is TINY! I barely have enough room for all the regular kitchen equipment, never mind drawers and boxes of cake tins, decorating implements, packs of icing and all the other paraphernalia. So for now I'm happy to just bake for family and friends.


  1. Debra, this is amaaaaaazing! Well done, you should be chuffed!
    A x

    1. Thank you Annie, I am chuffed really and enjoyed making it! X

  2. wow it looks fab! Love the colours x


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