Our Christmas Celebrations 2012

3 January 2013

Happy new year everyone. I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and Santa brought you lots of nice goodies. Well I'm back from my blogging break. I didn't intend to have so much time off but real life just took over. Although I had to work for two mornings after Christmas, we just chilled out and spent lots of quality family time together.

WeIl wasn't December fabulous? Isn't the run up to Christmas just the best time of the year? I've always loved Christmas but it's a million times more special when you have children.  Of course it was all building up to the big day which always seems to pass in the blink of an eye.

I was just as excited as the darlings {maybe more?} about Christmas day. I was awake at 7.30am and was sat up in bed waiting for everyone else to wake up. I'd set Oliver's groclock for 7.45 and on the dot I heard little footsteps across the landing. He appeared with two stockings full of presents which they opened in our bed. Then it was straight downstairs to see what else Santa had left. The look on Oliver's face was priceless when he saw the big pile of presents. And he was delighted that Santa had eaten the mince pie and drank the milk we had left out for him. Lydia took it all in her stride as if a room full of presents happens every day. Oliver unwrapped with such speed I could barely get a  photo of him. Rip rip rip next, rip rip rip next! Lydia needed a bit of help from hubby but got there slowly but surely.

As much as I love the festive season, I'm now dying to take the tree and decorations down. If Oliver had his way, they would be up all year long. I keep sneakily taking bits down here and there but I think I'll have to do the full dismantle when they're both in bed.

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