Oliver Is Four!

24 January 2013

I can't believe that my baby boy is four whole years old! I know it's a cliché but where the heck did the last four years go? Oliver's really grown up this year especially with starting nursery school.  He's learning loads and made lots of new friends and his behaviour is so much better. He can write his name already {proud mummy boast!} He's such a typical boisterous boy, always jumping off things and running round like a maniac.

I let Oliver choose where he wanted to have his birthday party. He went for the same playgym as last year! I also let him choose a few of his nursery friends to invite which he was really happy about.

I made the party bags which looked really cute with mini pegs and personalised gift tags. Inside was a Mr Man book and some sweets and chocolates. 

Homemade party bags

And of course there was the cake! I asked him ages ago what sort of birthday cake he wanted and I wasn't surprised that he asked for a Spiderman cake.

Spiderman cake

I'd planned on getting the cake finished the day before his birthday but I had a bit of a disaster as one of the layers sunk so I had to make another. It all took much longer than I thought and in the end I only finished it 3 hours before his party. So it lasted about 4 hours before it was cut up and dished out to all the kids!

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