Fun in the Snow

25 January 2013

Yes, we had snow... and lots of it. Actually I think we had more snow than I've seen for years. I'm not normally a fan of snow but because it was at the weekend I got a bit excited about it. I couldn't wait to take the darlings out sledging and building snowmen. Lydia was too young to remember the small amount of snow we had last year so it was the first time that she's really been out playing in it.

So Saturday morning we got the darlings dressed up in about 13 layers of clothing {I'm surprised they could walk!} and went out for some fun in the snow. We got the sledge out and walked over the field across the road where there are a few gentle slopes perfect for sledging.

Then it snowed even more on Sunday night into Monday morning and just carried on all day. I took this photo at 4am on Monday morning. We live on a main road, it's an A-road, and I have never, in the 10 years I have lived here, seen it so covered with snow!

The snow coincided nicely with my day off work. Oliver's pre-school was closed so we walked over to my parents house to build a snowman with my Dad. We ended up with a whole family of snowmen. The dead hydrangeas were my Dad's idea!

The funniest thing was that it was my Dad's birthday and I'd made him a Kit Kat and Maltesers Cake. There was only one way I could get it to him..... I strapped it on to the sledge!

How much snow did you have? What fun things did you do in the snow?


  1. Brilliant photos of the sledging, you certainly had a decent amount! Glad you succumbed and enjoyed it as well.

    Popping over from Country Kids

  2. Serious amounts of snow for you! I love the snowmen with their hydrangea arms and hat, well done Grandpa and Happy Birthday too,a lovely story of the sledge drawn cake!

  3. Love the snowmen and your cool wellies :)

  4. Wow that looks like so much fun!! We didn't have nearly as much snow our way. Love your snowmen! x


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