Positively, The Best Christmas Ever

24 December 2012

This year I've been on a mission to make this the best Christmas ever. I'll probably say that every year to come. But this year has been about introducing traditions for our little family. At two and almost four years old, Oliver and Lydia are old enough to understand what Christmas is all about. But they're still young enough to start a few traditions that, hopefully, we'll follow for years to come. 

For us, Christmas Eve is almost as important as Christmas Day. We'll start by opening the last door on our advent calendar. Inside will be a chocolate coin each and a little note. The note says 'Open our Christmas eve surprise box'. I've been getting it ready for weeks and have picked up little treats whenever I've seen something nice. Oliver helped to decorate the wrapping paper but he didn't know what I was using it for. Inside are some Christmas socks for both of them, a light up spinning Santa toy, a lucky bag each, our reindeer food {home made with porridge oats and glitter}, some Santa chocolates, Christmas crackers, a Christmas book and a Christmas DVD. I absolutely can't wait to see their faces when we open it!

On Christmas Eve afternoon, we always to to the Christingle service at our local church. My parents, sister and nieces all go too. It's a lovely family service and everyone gets to make a Christingle candle and we sing some carols by candlelight. It's one of my favourite times of the whole festive season.

Before bedtime, we'll leave out a mince pie and glass of milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph. Then sprinkle our reindeer food outside in the garden and finally hang their stockings in their bedrooms.

What family traditions do you have at Christmas?

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