Our Christmas Tree

15 December 2012

We have a rule that we don't put up our Christmas tree or any decorations until after Lydia's birthday. So on Tuesday {the day after her birthday}, we got all the boxes out and Oliver and I put the tree up. He was a fabulous helper {for a nearly four year old} and he arranged the baubles very nicely on the tree. I wanted a change this year and have gone for red and white decorations on the tree. Since September I've been buying a couple of decorations a week. It might not be the biggest tree around, but I think it looks very pretty.
Oliver and I have spent lots of time this week doing some Christmas crafts together. We've made paper chains, paper snowflakes and these cute tree decorations. They were in a kit that I bought from Sainsburys. The pieces are all made of foam and are already pre-cut. All you have to do it peel off the sticky backing and stick them together. Oliver loved it and they now have pride of place on the Christmas tree.
On Wednesday we made some Christmas lanterns. I've been keeping hold of any empty glass jars and have loads in the cellar now. We painted the jars with PVA glue, then stuck on some white tissue paper all over. Then we stuck on our paper snowflakes and also some little glittery snowflakes. I tied some red and white twine round the top, popped in a tealight and hey presto. They look lovely on the windowsill with my new light-up Christmas tree. I want to make a couple more and have got a great idea for making them using washi tape.

So it's all looking really festive now and I love it. Only 11 sleeps until the big day and I think I'm even more excited than the darlings.

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