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22 December 2012

It's been another crazy week here. But I'm happy to report that I've finally ticked off everything on my to-do list.

I've finished work {although I have to go in on the 27th & 28th... sob} All the presents are wrapped and have been given out or stashed at my parents house until Christmas Eve when I do my Santa thing. All the parties and concerts have been attended. The grocery shopping is done and has been delivered by our lovely Asda delivery man. And most importantly I've delivered the invitations for Oliver's birthday party. 

So now I can concentrate on relaxing, eating, drinking, baking and having fun with my wonderful little family. Here's a little montage of some of my Instagram photos from the past week...

my week on instagram
I had a fabulous time at my work's Christmas party which was held at a posh casino in Manchester. Gorgeous food, free drinks and a spot of roulette where I won £25... then lost it all!
I made a  chocolate cake decorated with Kit Kat's and M&M's for my lucky work colleagues. For our last team meeting of the year we had Domino's pizza for lunch and my lovely friend asked me to make this cake as an extra treat for everybody.
Oliver's nursery nativity was fantastic. He had one of the main roles as one of three grumpy cows in the stable.Whenever anyone wanted to come into the stable {shepherds, kings etc} they said 'You're not all coming in here are you' with hands on hips and grumpy faces. He was brilliant.
The darlings made some reindeer food for Rudolph and Co. They both took their jobs very seriously and very carefully stirred the glitter into the oats. I then bagged them up, tied with a bow and a cute gift tag. I've put them in our Christmas Eve hamper to bring out and sprinkle in the garden on Christmas eve.
I got the most amazing Secret Santa gift from work. A bottle of Bailey's biscotti flavour! Whoever bought it me must know me very well or had been listening into my conversations.
Hubby went out on his work's Christmas party so I enjoyed an evening to myself with a couple of mini mince pies, Irish cream flavoured extra thick cream and a huge glass of my new Bailey's.
Oliver made the cutest Christmas card ever at Nursery. I've entered it into a Children's Christmas card competition that we have at work.
I decided to have a go at making my own mince pies. I've never made them before, but I was inspired by Paul Hollywood making then on the Christmas special of The Great British Bake Off this week. I used the exact recipe that he used and they turned out great. I think I overfilled them so they were quite err... rustic looking, but taste yummy.

What has been the highlight of your week? Are you prepared for Christmas yet?

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