My Week In Pictures

3 December 2012

I wasn't planning on blogging tonight. This evening was reserved for writing my Christmas cards. But then the Hubby decided he just had to watch a certain football match on TV {it looks very unexciting to me!} So here I am with the laptop, using it as an excuse to get out of writing cards... one of my most dreaded pre-Christmas tasks.

I think I need to look back on some of my photos from this week to cheer myself up after a hellish day. Lydia is poorly and we've had two nights of hardly any sleep. It started on Saturday with her suffering with a big back tooth cutting through. Yesterday it turned into a cold, cough and high temperature. It felt like she coughed non-stop all night {Hubby ended up sleeping on the sofa so he could get some sleep!} so I took her to the doctors this morning who said it's a virus so there's nothing they can do. She's been a nightmare all day because of the lack of sleep. She's over tired and miserable which has sent her a bit loopy with tantrum after tantrum... and boy is she the queen of tantrums! She was in bed at 6.30pm this evening so keep your fingers crossed for a better night for us all tonight. 

In between all this miserableness, I'm still so grateful that I've got {relatively} healthy children. You see, my friends 21 month old son son was recently diagnosed with cancer. He's been having chemo for the last few weeks and had an operation on Thursday to remove two thirds of his liver. I saw her this morning and she said after a couple of bad days following his op, he's now sitting up, smiling and asking for the TV on! Bless him. My God, it just makes me so grateful to have healthy kids and I really shouldn't complaint about Lydia being poorly.

Anyway, enough of the whinging. We actually had a lovely week so here are my photos from Instagram...

my week in pictures
~ I finally got my phone camera working so that it faces you {hope you know what I mean!} so I took a few pictures of the darlings and me ~

~ I finished my home made advent calendar just in time to open it on 1st December. I'm so proud of it and Oliver and Lydia love it ~

~We went to visit Father Christmas on Saturday. He was the most fantastic Father Christmas I've ever seen, in fact I think he really was the real thing! ~ 

~ Oliver and I made some chocolate chip cookies on Saturday afternoon. I used a new recipe {thanks Nigella!} and they were the yummiest cookies ever. The cookie dough was just as delicious ~

~ All that baking tired Oliver out. He just had to have a lie down on the sofa - dressed as Spiderman of course ~

~ I bought Lydia a new onesie.  The first time she wore it, I kept going upstairs and looking at her sleeping in her cot, she's never looked more cute. And just look at her gorgeous curls! ~

~ I won a prize! The lovely Amanda at City Girl Gone Coastal did a giveaway of some Christmas bits and pieces on her blog. This morning I received some gorgeous Christmas bunting, two lovely handmade heart decorations and some little wooden cut outs. Love them ~

~ Last but not least, hubby offered to do the shopping this week and he came home with LARD instead of butter!!! ~

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