Lydia Is Two!

14 December 2012

Goodness me! Is it really a whole week since I blogged? As I said in my last post about Christmas stress, I'm just incredibly busy with a huge Christmas-related to-do list. There really aren't enough hours in the day to fit it all in, never mind blogging, which unfortunately has had to take a back seat for the time being.

On Monday my beautiful Lydia turned two. Two years old! I can't believe it. She's still my baby even though she's an independent, headstrong little girl now.

We had a lovely little family tea party at home. I was really happy that I had enough time to make the wonderful pink layer cake and everyone loved it. I think it was my most impressive cake to date. It was a bit of a giant cake so I took half of it into work the next day.

pink flower birthday cake

pink layer cake

She got some lovely presents. Her favourites were the sweet wooden tree house from her Oliver, hubby and I, and a pink scooter from her grandparents.

 I also made some Christmas tree chocolate brownies. I saw them on Pinterest a while ago and really wanted to have a go as brownies are one of my favourite things to make. When I had finished them I put them on the dining table and told the darlings not to touch them. A while later Lydia came into the kitchen chewing something. I asked her what she was eating and she said 'balls'. The little monkey had been picking the Smarties off and eating them! Luckily the icing hadn't set so I stuck some more on.

chocolate brownie christmas trees

My to-do list is looking a bit healthier now with lots of tasks ticked off. I still have to finish wrapping some presents and need to deliver them to my friends. I really want to make a gingerbread house but I'm not sure if I'll have time. And I've got another two nights out next week. Even more importantly, Oliver's birthday is 12 days after Christmas so I need to get my backside into gear ans start organising things for that - I haven't even sent out any invitations yet!

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  1. what a pretty birthday cake - happy birthday Lydia!
    I love those brownies too...might have to make some of those - if I ever get around to it!


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