Christmas Stress

7 December 2012

I'm feeling a lot of Christmas related stress at the moment. There's just so much I need to do before Christmas. Presents need wrapping. A gingerbread house needs baking and assembling. Cards need delivering. Chocolate brownie Christmas trees need baking. Home made lanterns need making. Salt dough tree ornaments and gift tags need making. Old toys need putting on Gumtree to make space for new ones. And it feels like there aren't enough hours in the day to do everything. 

I've had two Christmas nights out this week and I'm absolutely knackered from relatively late nights. Plus I've got four more parties/meals to attend before Christmas *collapses at the thought of it all*

On top of all the usual Christmas stuff, it's Lydia's 2nd birthday on Monday. We're having a very small family tea party and of course I'm baking the cake. I was planning on making a pink rainbow cake but don't know if I'll have time now so it might be a regular sponge cake instead. I haven't wrapped her presents yet. And I need to make some owl bunting too.

There's a lot of list making going on. I love lists at any time of the year but they're essential right now. I need to keep everything in my head organised or it would just explode!

On a more positive note... I've managed to fit in two trips to Costa coffee with my Oliver and Lydia. I flipping love their lattes so I've been dying to taste their festive flavours.

Oliver and I popped into Costa on Thursday {after shopping for a dehumidifier!} and I tried the Pralines and Cream latte. It was nice and I especially liked the cream on top but it tasted a bit too 'nutty' for may liking. Oliver loved his chocolate babychino and gingerbread Christmas shapes.

Lydia and I had a girly shopping trip into town today for a few more Christmas pressies. All that shopping tired us out so we headed to Costa for a sit down. This time I had a gingerbread latte which was absolutely gorgeous! It just tasted so festive. Lydia and I also shared a chocolate orange torte {also gorgeous!} and a gingerbread reindeer.

How do you feel about Christmas? Organised or not? Stressed or relaxed?

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