Next Dress For Christmas Competition

26 November 2012

Jane of Northern Mum and the lovely people at Next are holding a competition to put together the perfect Christmas day outfit for you and your family. 

I like to get dressed up on Christmas day. I always make an effort to look nice and buy something new or wear something I've bought for the party season. And of course I love to get the darlings dressed up too. I've already bought a dress for Lydia which is pink and sparkly and I need to find a smart shirt or jumper for Oliver. I've got a new little black dress and Hubby will be in jeans and t-shirt as usual!

What incredible fun I had putting together our outfits! Now I know what a fantastic job Stylist's have. For the first time, I wished I had more kids so that I could have put together more gorgeous outfits. So without further ado, here are our perfect Christmas day outfits.

{ Blue Contrast Panel Shirt from £12, Carrot Fit Chinos from £9,  Cable Crew Sweater from £11,  

How cute is this outfit for Oliver? He would look fab in the shirt with the aubergine coloured jeans... very trendy. I added the jumper in case he got a bit cold {which I doubt would happen as he's always running round at 100mph} The coat looks lovely, warm and snuggly. Last but not least the shoes. I have actually got to go and buy those shoes for him!

{ Pink Sequin Dress from £15.50,  Bow Pocket Shrug from £10, Corsage Shoes from £12, 

Ok, so there's lots of pink here but I just couldn't resist. It's sparkly, shiny and girly. I could just see Lydia in this ensemble on Christmas Day. The only problem would be that she's so messy. She'd have something spilled down the front of it within 10 minutes! I saw a little girl wearing the coat today and it's even more pretty than the picture.

{ Khaki Wool Blend Double Breasted Jacket £85, Graphic Sweats Navy New York from £25,   

Hubby's not a very dressy-up bloke so this outfit would be perfect for him. This was the most difficult outfit for me to put together. I was tempted to dress him up a bit, but I know he wouldn't be comfortable so went for something he'd like. He'd like all these pieces and would look very handsome on Christmas day.

I'm loving purple at the moment so this dress caught my eye straight away. For a party I'd wear it with back tights and the sparkly heels. But for Christmas day I'd like to dress it down a little with some black leggings and long boots. And isn't the coat just gorgeous... it's got my name written all over it!

This Christmas is going to be the best ever! I'm slightly obsessed with building traditions for our little family. So now I'm feeling all festive so I'd better go and finish off making our advent calendar, Christmas cards, paper chains, salt dough decorations, mini Christmas bunting, cakes, cookies and truffles!

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