My Week On Instagram

6 November 2012

It's been such a busy week that I haven't even had time for blogging. I haven't even baked anything for a week! I've just been exhausted. Last night I put the darlings to bed at 7pm then got into bed myself. I woke up at 10pm, had a shower, got back into bed and slept until 7am this morning! I'm feeling much better now so normal service will be resumed tomorrow with a new recipe for Butter Cut Out Biscuits.

Anyway, hopefully my lovely Instagram photo montage will give you an idea of what we've been up to.

~ We had a Halloween party at my sister's house and went trick or treating ~
~ The darlings dressed up in their cute outfits {although Lydia took her dress off after half an hour} ~
~ I baked some Halloween biscuits and a Spiced Pumpkin Cake ~
~ I carved two pumpkins this year so kept the designs simple! ~
~ We spent the weekend at my brother-in-law's house 'down South' ~
~ The journey down {all four hours of it!} was lovely bright Autumn weather ~
~ The journey back was miserable, raining and foggy ~
~ We went to my parents house for Bonfire night {the sunset pic is from our walk there}  ~

All my Instagram photos can be seen here


  1. Hello I am a newbie blogger and was wondering if you could help me, I am wanting to put my instagram photos down my side (just like you have done) where do I find the code to upload my instagram photos?




    I have been a lurker on your blog for a while and now following you, love your blog :)

    1. Hi Nikki, thanks for following, its lovely to hear from readers so I can get to know you too :)

      For the Instagram widget you need to go to and connect to your instagram account. They'll then give you the code that you need to copy and paste into a new html widget. I think they have full instrustions on how to do it.

      Hope this helps! X
      Ps. I tried to look at your blog but the link isn't working :) x


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