Christmas Craft: My Hand Made Cards

28 November 2012

Yes my home made Christmas cards are finally finished. It's taken a while. I had to make them in two stages. I did the Christmas tree bit then had to wait for the gold card and star punch to arrive. I must admit that I really enjoyed making them. It's nice to know that I'm giving cards to family and friends that have been made by my fair hands! 

My inspiration for the cards came from these Washi tape Christmas cards that I found on Pinterest a few months ago. I think I had just discovered Washi tape and came across the design while looking for ideas for how to use it. My regular readers will know that I'm obsessed with washi tape. I've used it before to make cards, my favourite was this washi tape bunting card that I made for my parents wedding anniversary.

These Christmas cards were actually very simple to make. If I can make them anyone can! I'm not mega crafty so like to keep things simple. So here's how you make them...

You will need:
A6 size card blanks
Washi tape - various designs and colours
Gold card
Star shaped punch
Sticky foam pads - 5mm wide & 2mm thick
Rubber stamp and ink pad

{I used red and green coloured tape but these would still look lovely in any colour of tape that you have.}

Tear the largest strip of Washi tape and stick it on the blank card about 4cm from the bottom. Tear another strip of tape in a different design and slightly smaller than the previous one and stick it above the first strip. Repeat this two more times with different tape, making your strips slightly smaller each time, until you have four strips on your card in a Christmas tree shape.

Now tear off a piece of tape about 2cm long and stick vertically at the bottom of your tree to make the trunk.

With your punch, stamp out a star from the gold card. Stick the foam pad to the back of the star. Then stick the star onto the top of the Christmas tree on your card.

Using a rubber stamp, apply the ink to it and stamp in firmly in the inside of your card blank.

Voila. Cute, simple hand made Christmas cards!

I'm really happy with how they look. I think they're simple but modern. Now I just need to start writing them. Unfortunately that's one of my least favourite jobs to do at Christmas. But it has to be done or no one will get to see all my hard work!

Do you make your own Christmas cards? Feel free to


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