Christmas Craft: Mini Bunting

20 November 2012

My obsession with Washi tape continues to grow at an alarming speed. It's really addictive. You can never have enough! I've just ordered three more rolls... a purple spotty one, a silver one with white stars and a red one with the words Merry Christmas on!

Obviously there's no point buying it all without using it. I've used it to make my Christmas cards {post coming soon}, I've made a few Birthday cards, I've covered my work notebook with it and I use it to wrap gifts and make gift tags. I've seen pictures all over Pinterest of mini bunting made with Washi tape and I've been thinking of having a go for a while. I thought that using red tape would look really festive and would be great to put on our Christmas tree. 

It was incredibly simple to make and took me about half an hour. All you need is:
  • Red and white twine
  • Washi tape in 3different colours or designs
  • Scissors
Cut a 2 metre length of twine. Tear your washi tape into 7cm pieces. You will need approx 25 pieces of each colour of tape. Fold the piece of tape around the twine and stick together. Cut an inverted triangle at the bottom of the tape to make the chevron shape. Continue with all the pieces of tape and space them about 3cm apart.
I think it looks really pretty around my mirror actually. I think I'll leave it there until it's time to put it on the Christmas tree. Our tree is smallish but if you've got a big tree you might want to make a couple of them and of course you can use any colour of washi tape and twine or ribbon to match your Christmas colour scheme.

Do you share my addiction to Washi tape? I'd live to hear about your projects {Christmas or otherwise} using Washi tape.


  1. Where are you buying your washi tape? I think I need to go to The Range and see if they have any! Great idea.

    1. Thanks Sara! I buy all my washi tape from an ebay seller called dragonchant, they have loads of different designs and are very reasonable prices x

  2. Such a simple and very effective idea, love it!

  3. It's lovely! I'm hoping to buy some washi tape this afternoon (I have a new Hobbycraft near me and a voucher!) and this would be a lovely idea for me to start with!

    1. I wish I had a Hobbycraft nearby. I suppose it's a good thing it's so far away or I'd be there all the time spending a fortune!


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