Brown Paper Gift Wrap

14 November 2012

Last week was the birthday of one of my closest friends. It was also her daughter Kiera's 8th birthday a few days later. So what a fantastic opportunity for me to practice making some handmade gift wrap using all my new craft bits and pieces. 

Thanks to Pinterest I'm a bit obsessed with brown paper gift wrap. I've got a whole board dedicated to brown paper! I think it looks lovely customised with washi tape, ribbon, raffia, twine, doily's, stamps... the list is endless. 

My friend's present was a cute scented candle from Ikea. It was a bit tricky to wrap due to the shape of it. I could have done with a box to put it in but didn't have one so just did my best with the wrapping. 
I used bright spotty washi tape to fasten it. Then I folded a white doily around the base and secured it with more washi tape. To finish it off I tied some multi coloured raffia around it. I also made a matching gift tag {sorry I forgot to take a photo of it!} made from a manilla gift tag with a small piece of doily and matching spotty washi tape stuck across the front.

I bought a pretty party set for Kiera which had lip gloss, hair clips and a bracelet in it. I used a rubber stamp and red ink to stamp her name all over a sheet of brown paper.

I wrapped the present with the paper and secured it with red spotty washi tape. Then I tied a double length of 3mm red satin ribbon around.

I also made a matching gift tag with a manilla gift tag. I stamped Kiera's name on it and stuck a piece of matching red spotty washi tape across the tag. I also replaced the string with ribbon which matched the gift wrap.

I was so pleased with how both the gifts both looked. As you can see they were both easy to make. They were really pretty and I think Kiera will love the personalised wrapping paper.

Do you make your own gift wrap and tags? Or do you like to buy pretty wrapping paper? Do you love or hate wrapping presents?


  1. Love this. What a lovely way to wrap gifts. I normally buy pretty paper am now going to give this a try. Thank you x

    1. That's brilliant Lucy, I do love pretty gift wrap but this is much cheaper and still looks pretty and has the personal touch :)


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