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25 October 2012

I've always been a book lover. Before the darlings came along my Sunday mornings were dedicated to lazing in bed with my latest book. I don't get a chance to read much nowadays and I kind of miss relaxing with a bit of chick lit. The hubby loves reading too but he's really into news and current affairs so newspapers are his thing. 

These are the only books I read nowadays!
I'm happy that the darlings have inherited my love of books. Especially Lydia, she could sit for hours looking at books or having a stories read to her. Our tiny house is getting overrun with books though. But I can't bare to get rid of any of them. So we now have a basket of books downstairs and the rest are in Oliver's bedroom {we just bought a new Ikea shelving unit to house them all!}. 

Probably my favourite time of day is reading their bedtime story. We all sit on our big bed and snuggle down with a few books. Tonight we had 'I Love It When...' and 'The Gruffalo'. Yes The Gruffalo again. I've read it so many times that I know all the words by heart. Truth be told, I probably love it as much as they do.

I love this photo of hubby reading to the darlings after tea. I think it was a Rupert Bear book that they both love.

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  1. ah we love the gruffalo too! love your new blog design x

  2. The Gruffalo is always going to be a favourite isn't it. We have the Paul Hollywood book too - love him!


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