Saying No

1 October 2012

I don't often go out on a week night. Just the odd trip to Bingo with my work colleagues or the occasional meal with some girl friends. That's all. I'm either baking, blogging or too knackered to do anything else.

But last week I was invited to two things on consecutive nights. Wednesday was a night out with work going bowling and for dinner afterwards. Thursday was dinner with some friends that I haven't seen for a couple of months. 

The work thing was planned a few weeks ago and I said I'd go as soon as I knew about it. So when my friend text me the week before to ask if I wanted to go out to dinner with a few other friends on Thursday I really had to say no.

Here are my reasons...   1. I didn't want to be out two nights and not be there for the darlings bedtime. It's not a guilt thing, I just like to be there for bedtime.  2. I would have hardly seen Lydia for two days as I was at work in the morning, she has a two hour nap in the afternoon and I would have been out in the evening. 3. I had baking to do on Thursday. We had a cake sale at work for the Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday and I was making some chocolate orange cupcakes. I wouldn't have had time to make them if I went out and I couldn't let work down.

I would have loved to go for dinner with my friends but the darlings {and cupcakes!} had to come first!

Are you a 'yes' or 'no' person? Is your diary packed or manageable?

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