Reasons To Be Cheerful 18.10.12

18 October 2012

Hey everyone! Once again it only feels like yesterday that I was writing last week's reasons to be cheerful. I know I say it every week, but where does the time go?!

This week's R2BC is being hosted by Becky at Lakes Single Mum. Please pop over and say hello and take a look at what everyone else is being cheerful about this week.

Mich is dedicating some time to promoting the ONE campaign on her blog after her trip to Ethiopia. Please visit her blog to read about her amazing journey.

Meanwhile, here are my reasons to be cheerful...

  • I started my diet on Monday. To be honest I'm not feeling cheerful about it as I'm feeling miserable and hungry, but I'm happy that I'm taking my first steps {again} to losing some weight. Baking all those cakes {and eating them} has made me pile back on all the weight that I lost at the beginning of the year... and a bit more. So here I go again. Back to the healthy eating, smaller portions and trying to fit in some exercise. And fingers crossed that I've lost weight this week.
    • My sister and I are diet buddies again. She actually started a week before me and lost an amazing 4lb in her first week. I'm so grateful that I'm not doing this weight loss thing alone. We're going to motivate and help each other to keep on the right track.
    • We had a lovely time at the park on Sunday morning. We made the most of the fact that the rain had stopped and it was a bright sunny autumn day. It was cold and crisp so we all got wrapped up in our warmest winter coats. We were at the park every week over the summer but it feels like ages since we've been. The Darlings loved it as usual and it gave me a change to take a few photos of them...


    1. Good luck with the weight loss hun. I'm on the same missions! x

    2. Good luck with the diet. I am hoping for the same this week and planning to get back to the 30 day shred...ouch.

    3. Such cute pictures, well done on starting with a weight loss program.

      Mich x

    4. Having a diet buddy is a great idea. you can check in with each other. Fab park pics. I' adore you lil girls coat. Lovely colour.


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