My Kids Love Ikea!

3 October 2012

Yes they really do! I think Oliver and Lydia love a trip to Ikea more than the park, playground or soft play. We went there at the weekend and as usual they had a huge amount of fun. Being responsible parents we don't let them run riot, but we don't mind them trying out the sofas, laying on beds and looking in the kitchen drawers. Plus Sunday's are always mega busy so we keep them in check or else they'd get trampled on by the crowds!

What a perfect alternative to a double buggy.
I wanted to take it home but they don't fold down to fit in your car boot!

"No we don't want to look at boring shelves!"

For one horrible second, I thought Oliver had done a wee in the toilet! 
Until I saw that it was a fake one that was blocked up.

"I'll just have a little rest Mummy"

"Where's Oliver gone?"

Double trouble!

There was a very lovely lady who was doing free face painting in the kids department.
Oliver was over the moon with his Spiderman face.

 We all had fun playing with the puppets in the kids department.

All finished off with a very yummy lunch at PizzaHut {please excuse Oliver's face, he thought it was funny!}

Do your kids love Ikea as much as mine do?

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