It's My Birthday!

10 October 2012

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! Yep it's my birthday today. I'm thirty-seven. But we'll quickly gloss over that number and move on to happier things.

I've had a fab day {even though I was at work this morning}. Here are a few highlights of my day so far...

I baked this birthday cake for myself. I've been planning this for a few weeks but changed it at the last minute by topping it with smarties instead of Maltesers that I had originally planned. I just thought smarties would appeal to Oliver and Lydia a bit more. So it was a mad dash to Sainsbury's last night for Smarties and chocolate fingers as I was about five short of those too. I'll do a post of the recipe for the cake when I've got a spare minute!

My parents bought me these four baking recipe books. They were on my wish list so I can't wait to start flicking through and bookmarking all the recipes that I want to try.

My lovely friend at work gave me this ring that she made. She is a jewellery maker and I'd recently admired a similar ring that she was wearing. So she made this for me. I think it's very 'me'.

And last but not least I got this fabulous phone from Hubby and the Darlings. To be honest I've had it for a few weeks as I dropped my old phone and smashed the screen {devastated!}

Tonight I'll be celebrating by 'larging it' at Bingo with my sister and friends. Well isn't that what you do when you get to a certain age?!


  1. Happy Birthday hope you had a great day

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day! That cake looks sooooo yummy! x

  3. Happy birthday - hope you're having a fab day and a giant slice of that cake.


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